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John and Heidi(non-registered)
Thanks to all for the kind words. We share or art for all to enjoy!
John Watt(non-registered)
John, i really enjoyed your work. You are a creative and very talented photographer.
Absolutely stunning!!!
russell bennetts(non-registered)
Wow great shots John. I remember you having camera clear back in school it truly is your passion, witch shows in your photos.
Nancy Brady(non-registered)
John, these are just wonderful! What talent!
Dick Bergeron(non-registered)
GREAT pictures and a wide variety. You must be very proud.
Barry Freeman(non-registered)
Awesome shots John!
Wally Schell(non-registered)
John, you do very good work, but I would expect nothing less from a Kyler.
Emery Reynolds(non-registered)
A lot of familiar territory, John.
You have a lot of good stuff.
May Medley(non-registered)
beautiful pics. very nice photography..
Mike Goodwin(non-registered)
Great pics John.
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